Event Support

Often times during events unforeseen issues arise.  We provide talented and versatile staff to meet your every need. Whether you are a planner, venue, or just having a single event our staff can help your event run smoothly.



By law certified bartenders and servers are required to distribute alcoholic beverages at an event. Many caterers and venders that provide this service can be unnecessarily costly. We provide knowledgeable and experienced bartenders from the hospitality industry whose signature drinks will set your event above the rest at an affordable price.


Wait Staff

Often times a full service dining experience is just what an event needs.  Sit back and relax while our trained wait staff make your event decadent and worry free.


Chefs/Sous Chefs

Let our trained chefs and sous chefs customize a meal that is exactly right for your event.


Valet Parking

Event parking can often create a logistical nightmare. With our valet service you can alleviate this headache while providing an elegant service to your guests.  


Clean Up

By cleaning the space, rearranging furniture, and removing trash and décor, we alleviate the tedious and often overlooked responsibility of returning the event space to its original condition.


Event Set-up

From arranging chairs and tables to décor and ambiance, we prepare the event space for your guests’ arrival.



Guest misconduct can lead to property damage and disrupt the celebratory atmosphere of your event. This negatively affects all parties involved including event managers, venue owners, and event hosts. Our security deters this behavior, ensuring your event runs smoothly.


While the above are our most commonly requested services, every event is unique and therefore has unique needs. Additional services can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.